July 2021 – End of a Successful Cooperation

Beginning of July 2021 was the end of more than 3 years cooperation with Technip Energies located in Capelle aan den IJssel in Rotterdam. During this period, numerous successful projects were undertaken and completed such as BP TAR 2019, TEAM Terminals engineering services, CABOT Carbon Black Electrostatic precipitation filtering, NAM’s K17, AME-206 and L13-FD gas flowlines and AWG platform electrification.

During the course of these projects many process and process safety studies have been carried out such as Flare and Vent Study, Compressor Settle Out Pressure Calculation, Process Safety Time Calculations, HAZOP and IPF (SIL) studies, Vent calculations and location study, Fire and Gas Mapping studies, Ignition Source Analysis (ISA), Manual Of Permitted Operations ( MOPO), FIRE Protection Analysis (FIREPRAN), Emergency System Survivability Analysis (ESSA), Hazardous Area Classification Memorandum and updating existing Hazardous Area Classification Drawings, Scenario Based Fire Fighting and Rescue Plan (SBBRP), Porto Cabins Siting Study, to name a few.

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July 2021 – SCW Systems Engineering Support

PANAAM Consultants signed an agreement with SCW Systems BV in Alkmaar to provide engineering support for their super critical water gasification plant which aims to convert organic waste into natural gas. The scope of support is to help in design of the supercritical water gasification reactor and cooling systems as well as process safety support and studies such as HAZOP. SIL/IPF.

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September 2020 – UCB Pharma S.A. Belgium CFD Simulation Support

It is with honor and pleasure to announce that PANAAM Consultants has signed a contract with UCB Pharma S.A Belgium for engineering support on mixing CFD simulation of CSTR reactors. This project aims to understand mixing phenomena in UCB Pharma’s CSTR reactors and increase the mixing yield to maximize reaction and product.

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June 2020 – Bluewater safety studies report

During 2019 -2020, PANAAM consultants provided expertise to Bluewater Energy Services on IPF study and SIL classification of Haewene Brim FPSO. The project was successfully completed by the end of June 2020.

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IAMTech Softwares

#IAMSafety, We believe health and safety should not come at a cost. That is why # IAMTech Safety Management software is FREE*. Claim you free license(s) now.
*Zero Cost-100% FREE for the first 12 months, then £99 per user, per annum, every year thereafter.

#IAMThermal allows emergency planners, emergency responders and SHE/HSE managers to quickly model industrial fires, such as storage tank, bund/dyke, spill and jet fires, on top of Google Earth to determine impact on assets and personnel.

#IAMDispersion enables you to perform your own chemical release modelling and analysis to visualise your worst credible industrial chemical release sources, in context, over satellite imagary of your assets and the surrounding area & population centres. #ProcessSafety

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Representing IAMTech products

Panaam Consultants is proud to announce it has started to represent IAMTech products (https://iamtech.com/products.php). Gas Dispersion Modelling & Thermal modelling Software from IAMTech are two examples of invaluable products to assist Safety within Chemical Process Industries. Follow us on twitter #Panaamconsult.

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Back To Basics

As a chemical engineer, sometimes you need to go back in time, change role and act as a scientist again, a reminder of the good old days at school. I am proud and thankful for being part of XTL pilot plant project. Great Experience!

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