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AHAverage Horizontal
ALARPAs low as reasonably practicable
APIAmerican Petroleum Institute
ATEXAtmospheres Explosives
AtoNAids to Navigation
AVIFFAvoidance of Vibration Induced Fatigue
BDEPBasic Design Engineering Package
BfD/ BFDBasis for Design
BOMBill of Materials
CCContinuously contaminated
CEConformité Européenne
CESDCentral Emergency Shutdown
CGRCondensate Gas Ratio
CICorrosion Inhibitor
CITHPClosed In Tubing Head Pressure
CoICCertificate of Inspection Compliance
CPCathodic Protection
CSCarbon Steel
CSCCChloride Stress Corrosion Cracking
CSNConcept Select Note
CSUCommissioning and Startup
CTRCost Time Resource
CVInternal Control Valve
DBDistribution Board
DBBDouble Block and Bleed
DCDirect Current
DCDBDirect Current Distribution Board
DCSDistributed Control System
DCPTDynamic Cone Penetration Test
dPdifferential Pressure
DSSDuplex Stainless Steel
EEEnergy Efficiency
ECEuropean Commission
EPExploration and Production
EPEExploration and Production Europe
ESDEmergency Shut-Down
E&MEngineering and Maintenance
FCVFlow Control Valve
FGSFire and Gas System
FRCFast Rescue Craft
FTHPFlowing Tubing Head Pressure
FTHTFlowing Tubing Head Temperature
GHGGreenhouse Gas
GHVGross Heating Value
GREGlass Reinforced Epoxy
HAZIDHazard identification
HAZOPHazard and operability
HCUHydraulic Control Unit
HDDHorizontal directional drilling
HDPEHigh Density Polyethylene
HIPPSHigh Instrument Pipeline Protection System
HPAHigh Pressure Alarm
HPSDHigh Pressure Shutdown
HSSEHealth, Safety, Security, Environment
HTAHigh Temperature Alarm
HTSDHigh Temperature Shutdown
IPInternet Protocol
IPFInstrument Protective Function
IPSInstrument Protected System
ISCInstrument Safety Cabinet
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
JTJoule Thompson
KHIKinetic Hydrate Inhibitor
LALow Alarm
LFSLow Flow Shutdown
LOPALayer Of Protection Analysis
LTCSLow Temperature Carbon Steel
LTSDLow temperature shutdown
LTSSLow Temperature Stainless Steel
LVLow Voltage
LVDBLow Voltage Distribution Board
LVSLow Voltage Switchgear
MCCMotor Control Cabinet
MEGMono Ethylene Glycol
MOCManagement Of Change
MSDSMaterial Safety Data Sheet
N/ANot Applicable
NoBoNotified body
NDTNon Destructieve Testing
NPSHNet Positive Suction Head
NPTNational Pipe Thread
NTRNon-Technical Risk
OMOperating Manual
OOSOperational Override Switch
OR&SOperational Readiness and Startup
PAPublic Address system
PEProject Engineer
PEDPressure Equipment Directive
PFDProcess Flow Diagram
P&IDPiping & Instrument Diagram
PIPressure Instrument
PICPressure Indicator Controller
PIVPipeline Isolation Valve
PMProject Manager
PPPolypropylene / Project Plan
PSProject Specification
PSVPressure Safety Valve
PTEProject Technology Execution
PTWPermit to Work
QA/QCQuality Assurance/ Quality Control
QRAQuantitative Risk Assessment
RBIRisk Based Inspection
RFCRelease For Construction
ROVRemotely Operated Valve
SCADASupervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCESafety Critical Elements
SCSSVSurface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve
SEPSound Engineering Practice
SISystème International d'unités (International System of Units)
SILSafety Integrity Level
SSStainless Steel
SSVSurface Safety Valve
TICTemperature Indicator Controller
TIPTest and Inspection Plan
TPSTotal Platform Shutdown
TSAThermal Spray Aluminum
TSRTemporary Safe Refuge
UPSUninterrupted Power Supply
URCOUnmanned Remote Controlled Operation
VHFVery High Frequency
VSDSVariable Speed Drive System
WGRWater Gas Ratio
WHCPWell Head Control Panel
WIWobbe Index
WIWork Instruction